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Lazer, I hear exmark is changing their name to TORMARK. Same friggin machine as the toro, with a fabricated deck instead of the stamped one. Yeah, boy that is really innovation, the professors at exmark really have been burning the midnight oil on that one. And word is from the guys at the shows this year, that &quot;integration will continue where possible between the two lines.&quot; Now if you'll climb down off your crippled high-horse, let's get to the nuts and bolts of the situation....I really don't give a flying blue tird WHO makes the equipment sold through the Lesco service centers. Point is , the equipment is good... not because I like the name ,or the color of the equipment ,or because it has a steering system any drunken m onkey could use(t-bar)<br>The equipment is proven in the field by people who have actually had their ASS behind it in the field. I don't care what your OPINIPON is, what are your EXPERIENCES with this equipment? NONE. How can you have any clue if you just stand back and <br>think you KNOW everything? Got two Lesco 48 inch walks and one Bobcat 48 inch walk that only gets uses as back up or on x-large jobs. Both my guys like the Lesco's better, as well. My company prefers Lesco 3 to none...THAT's my experience.<br>
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