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We had a huge leaf drop here around Macomb nearly two weeks ago....I'm just hoping it's not a result of diseased ash trees.....all of them dropped at once. The elms, maples etc are still hanging on. It kinda made it easier though cause I could mulch through it with a few extra cuts, so the next stage of the fall off will be that much easier. Been checking for the emerald borers but hav'nt found any proof of them in the ash trees around here, including one that I had cut down that had some health problems.
Whats a reasonable price to charge someone to take down a 6-7 inch diameter ash tree that I can pretty much drop into my trailer and take to a very near approved disposal site?
I could probably tear out the trunks with a good pull from the truck so that they can replant in the same spot with just a little bit of digging and cutting a few of the biggest roots.....
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