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Originally Posted by kawakx125 View Post
I have used an exmark vantage and a vride also, the decks are definitely better on those but both machines are far less superior than the wright in every other aspect IMO. the vantage and grandstand will not cut wet grass without major clumping, and the main drawback to the vride for me was the size and the controls. it seemed to me like there was too much OPC intervention to get the machine moving or hop off for a second. same with the vantage, HORRIBLE dash layout. Neither machine was anywhere close to the wright on hills, or as fast. The wright is a middle of the road deck, it doesn't do anything great, but with some tweaking can make it do everything ok. don't get me wrong, i'll be the first person to jump on the wright needs a better deck bandwagon, and I've made it very well known to wright that i'm not highly impressed with the deck
Nailed it, exactly right. I own a grandstand and it clumps like crazy in wet conditions and the deck needs scraped fairly often. Also correct about one of the positives of the grandstand of not having all of the opc. I can step off of my grandstand keeping one hand on the sticks pick debris off of a lawn and be back to mowing without missing a beat.The standers with the foot opc are a pita. When I tested out the gravely pro stance their lever control presence was much too sensitive. If I moved my hand even the slightest the blades would cut off. My buddy has a v ride and I got to drive it around. Again another step added just to start mowing with a drive engagement shifter. My grandstand, step on platform and pull in right side lever, hit pto and start mowing. Although the v ride will leave a nicer cut in wet conditions than all of the other standers.

The local deere dealer had a left over stander with the 7 iron deck last year. Never used, he was going to sell it to me for $4800. I sometimes regret not buying it. It was fast and responsive. It was also the easiest to maintain and work on because of the engine placement than other standers.
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