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Originally Posted by Chris J View Post
Easy Stevo. I'll only defend you to a point when it comes to the public and DIY'ers. If your intention is to start handing out trade secrets as well, then I just might have problem with that.
Chris, no worries (the snipe from J.S. is absurd), I'm not suggesting any change (I only asked others if they wanted a change) to the post and still believe this forum should be totally focused on the professional. I haven't changed my spots in these last eight years (despite what some say). I am passionate about professional landscape lighting design, the profession that delivers it, the professionals who create it, and the companies that promote it.

My question about changing this sticky post is only made because it's so old. I'm fine with what it says, but wanted to ask the group what they think. Since I originally put up the post, I'm sure I could ask the moderator to replace it with a newer version - but I don't see any problems, so no reason to change it.
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