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In the 17 years I've been in the buisness, I have used many different brands of mowers.There are alot of good mowers out there and everyone has there own favorite brand just like cars or trucks. I have 6 lesco 48 belts and they have been great.I also have 6 hydro exmarks and 3 Lazer Z's which have been super mowers as well. In the past Ransomes gave me many years of service.<br>Innovative or not all were good mowers.<br>Has far as Toro being innovative all they do is buy the company and call it there own.(that's innovative?) and they would be my last choice.And some of the choppers seen I could cut better with my line trimmer<br>As far as Lesco sevice centers, I'm sure there are some bad ones, but I have to say the ones in the Twin Cities MN go out of there way to service me. I live an hour south of the cities and they will bring me anything I need.And the staff are some of the most knowledgeable people I have met.<br>I guess I might be one of the lucky ones but<br>Lesco has been a great company and has went out of there way to help my buisness.<br>Just 2 cents<br>
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