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Originally Posted by curleelawncare View Post
Well, my bobcat procat melted the rods last week. At 1800 hours I didn't want to spend the enormous amount of money to replace with a new Kawi. I purchased a Snapper Pro 200xt with the Briggs 27hp. I was reluctant because of some negative reviews I had seen , but the dealer said they have had very few warranty claims and will stand behind 100 0/0. I am gpoing to see if I like it and maybe try to replace the bobcat engine with one which is much cheaper is cost.
I think youll like the motor. It still works good for me. And I think you can get a new briggs motor like ours for $1000. I assume the kawi is more. 1800 hours hours is pretty darn good. Were you able to determine what caused the engine to fail?
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