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5 acre property

Hey guys and gals,

I recently purchased a 5 acre property that is approximately 80% grass, relatively all flat aside from the septic field. I live up in Manitoba, north of North Dakota for those unsure where Manitoba is... Our grass cutting season is typically from May-Oct.

Now that's out of the way... I'm considering all my options out there, there currently is a 42" mower on a craftsman riding tractor which will get my by until I find something a little better suited for this size property.

I really like the idea of reel mowers, no vacuum effect, clippings return where they were cut, better for the lawn, etc. Now if I can find a used reel mower, what should I be looking for?

There are a few for sale around here, ex

Toro Reelmaster 5200d w/ 3064 hrs for $2,500
Jacobsen LF3810 4WD w/ 3200 hrs and new reels and bed knives $4,500
Toro Sidewinder 3100D w/ 2250 hrs for $3,950

If possible which would be best suited to keep me from sitting on the tractor for less than 2 hrs per mow?

Anything I should look out for when buying used?

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