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Measure your props for turf square footage

We eyeball properties and price them that way but we also use numbers to double check. I went through our properties and looked at how long certain types of properties take and figured out how long they will take by square footages. We did small medium and large properties and broke them down into small hard, small medium, small easy difficulties wtc thrpugh the medium and large properties. We look at properties and say alright this is a large easy property we can do about 25000 square feet a hour(this includes edging and blowing). So if we have a 100000 square foot property it will take us four man hours. I would charge 160 to do the yard if I want to make money on it. We usually run three man crews so it would take them 1 hour and 20 minutes with a 48 inch wb and a 60 inch wb.

Another example would be a 15000 sq foot yard that is medium difficulty. We can do around 9000 sq feet a hour. It will take us 1 hour and 40 mins to complete. So with three guys it will take 33.3 minutes to complete. I would charge around 65 to do this. Drive time is included.

Eye balling stuff works but once you figure out what you can do in a hour qith the equipment you have you can charge accordingly by using turf square footage.

So what I am trying to get to is 40 to 45 is not enough for a acre of turf. If its easy mowing not a lot of weedeating I would charge around 80 to 85 dollars. Because it would take us around 2 hours.
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