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That post right there helped a lot to think about in the future. This morning I did an acre for about $25... It was severely under quoted. Cheap customer who hasn't mowed in a month. Got the account from a girl who asked for me lol. At this point I needed the money, because I am very close to getting a used 48" walk behind. I'm about to go out to the truck to see if I can fit it in there for a couple of weeks.

My second lawn I did for the day it was about an acre for $45. At the end, since it was the first mow she insisted on tipping me... I tried very hard to squeeze her in because she had to have it done. She tipped me $25! So I got a total of $70 off that property.

All together, made $95 off two properties. Took $10 for gas. Made $85 profit (without paying me a wage).

No lawns to do until tomorrow. (It is a new weekly mow, $35. About 1/2 acre. It is an easy medium) probably take 2 hours
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