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Originally Posted by supperdude16 View Post
That post right there helped a lot to think about in the future. This morning I did an acre for about $25... It was severely under quoted. Cheap customer who hasn't mowed in a month. Got the account from a girl who asked for me lol. At this point I needed the money, because I am very close to getting a used 48" walk behind. I'm about to go out to the truck to see if I can fit it in there for a couple of weeks.

My second lawn I did for the day it was about an acre for $45. At the end, since it was the first mow she insisted on tipping me... I tried very hard to squeeze her in because she had to have it done. She tipped me $25! So I got a total of $70 off that property.

All together, made $95 off two properties. Took $10 for gas. Made $85 profit (without paying me a wage).

No lawns to do until tomorrow. (It is a new weekly mow, $35. About 1/2 acre. It is an easy medium) probably take 2 hours
Although I am happy for your very short term success rate, you must learn and understand that you did not make $85.00 profit (without paying me a wage)

I do believe with your drive and ambition you could possibly succeed in this industry, however if you do not take my advise and create a business plan going forward you will be doomed to failure. Please take my advise to heart and don't put off or make excuses not to follow through. These decisions will only harm you more in the short term and discourage future business.
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