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Yeah, I did especially with a freaking push mower. Today, I had two properties I did. One was a about a 1/2 acre (weekly mow) for $35 and then the guys friend pulled in the drive way and said he's heard of me and I was told he was going to come talk me. Did his 1/4 acre yard for $30. (New Bi-weekly).

Yeah man the one acre for $25 is not going to be cutting it... Maybe if it was a close friend and I had a walk behind, but with a push no way... My legs can't take it much longer.

As for the day job, I work about 32 hours during the week at the moment and then I just started mowing a month ago lol. I was working 72 hours a week before I started mowing, but I am making better money then the $8.70 minimum wage. (Financially, I have 2 months of rent in my pocket and am 20 years old)

I think that is why I am charging so low at the moment because before I was making $8.70 an hour! (I just realized that) I am already making a lot more... damn.

I have a question... How do I get a commercial property? I am located in Naugatuck, CT. I am so close to getting a walk behind. Like I will mow 10 acres with my push mower right now, because I could go buy a walk behind right now lol.

How did you guys get your first commercial property?
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