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Originally Posted by niteliters View Post
WOW, have been gone awhile like my brother chris j. glad to see you back contributing chris j. lots to catch up on in my absence. my 2 cents...remember, you can bid like a contractor or you provide a design as a designer. your choice. How you choose is how you're treated.
While I understand the intent, it peeves me to no end when landscape architects, architects, designers (of any sort) start acting like they are walking gods compared to the "lowly" contractors. I encountered this a lot working on the landscape architecture side and now in reverse when we work on the contracting side. The mentality bleeds into homeowners too if we are spending our time throwing our own trades under the bus.

A good design isn't s*** without good contractors to put it together and without a good design a project never looks right and is 2x over budget. There are horrendous "professionals" from both ends. We have had design proposals come in at half or less than what we charge and we are overall pretty reasonable. On top of that, thanks to HGTV, lots of people seem to think that every designer/contractor is willing to do free designs to put head-to-head with other companies so the customer can pick the winner. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Obviously this is tangential to the main theme but at least here, trotting around like you are the landscape lighting diva is not any sort of guaranteed selling tool. Some clients really appreciate design, some not at all. Some appreciate top notch BMPs/construction, and with some their eyes glaze over and I start to wonder if they'll come out of their coma.

Again, I get the intent of the statement but lets not undersell the totality of what we offer. Design PLUS great installation. Both are important.
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