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I've been using this for the past 12 years as I mentioned before. I've put over 8,000 hours on Choppers in the past 6 years and I just replaced 1 spindle bearing set on one spindle the other day on a Chopper that has had a slightly loose set of bearings since the day I got it. This was changed after running this machine for 2,860 hours. I've also run them on my JD that is 10 years old, but hasn't been used for mowing much in the past 6 years. This was the first spindle bearing I've replaced in the past 15 years.<br>Eric<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>The Grass is always Greener on the other side of my competitors fence
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