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Never heard of such an axle. Only the GM 14 bolt. When we refer to a GM 10 bolt here, it's the wimpy one.
I know from 73 on, the 3/4 ton models used the GM 14 bolt.
I guess you learn something new everyday. Has anyone here ever heard of this axle Jim is talking about? I don't mean does anyone have one, but has anyone even heard of one?
I know some of the 67 - 72 models used an Eaton rear axle. Like this one here.

<img src="">

The diff is a full floater and approx 13 inches across. This belongs to a guy with a 71 Chevy, who lives in Austrailia. It's got 10 bolts, but he was told it was an Eaton axle. Is this what you are referring to? Is it in fact a "GM pig"? His has single rear wheels. He is having a VERY hard time getting parts for it in Austrailia.

I'm at a total loss otherwise!

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