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R134 has a 90% heat transfer in comparison to the R12 that it was built for.Newer trucks have thicker condensor and evaporator units to compensate for the inefficient 134A's heat transfer.It is possible that you have a plugged orrifice tube too,there is a screen that stops chunks of metal from the compressor from lodging in ther orrifice,if the compressor is going out or it had a compressor failure in the past and it wasnt flushed properly,the chunks of metal could totally block the orrifice tube,almost stopping the system from working. Curtis-you do have a bad compressor-the orrife tube didnt get blocked up from nothing-the compressor is coming apart-it may last a little while,but it will fail and it is loading up the whole system with chunks now,so it wil block again soon.then you'll need a whole new system to get all the crud out.
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