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Do you want an EFI motor?They will cost a lot more and run much better,but power wont realy be any more or less.It will just be more drivable and efficient.The cheap way is a reman or new GM crate motor,you'll be installed for less than 2K with good performance.EFI wise,Id go with the older camaro/firebird L98 TPI,they make lots of torque and will move that truck out like nothing.The porblem is they all have high miles now and are worn out.The LT1 F-body 350 from 93-97 will work well too,but its a little harder swap,and torque is not as good as TPI 350,although it will outpower it on top end.You should be able to find a good running TPI car wrecked or in need of repair for about 1200-2500,uuse the complete engine/trans and harness.I ahve done this before-it isnt that hard-but you need to be knowledgable in electrical and mechanical too.You didnt sya where you were from-so i dont know your emmisions laws there,but any EFI would pass-even in CA,a cammed 350 wouldnt make it past the sniffer however if you have testing in your state-you need to consider this.
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