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OK. I have all these books so I looked it up. <br>Drive shaft efficiency goes down as the angle goes up. So a drive shaft coupling will be somewhere between 97 and 98% at the end of every drive shaft on a mower there needs to be a set of gears. Spur gear including bearings are 93-96% depending on the polish on the teeth. <p>Belts are about 96 to 98 %. But need no gears at the spindle. SO the answer is the belt from a vertical shaft engine to a mower spindle is probably a little more efficient. But it is close. Probably to close to call with out spending a couple of days with design drawings of the mower and a computer. I think the bottom line is complexity/ maintenance/ cost. If a mower could not be serviced I would want a drive shaft. (Automobile drive shafts don't fail often but when they do it is expensive to fix them.) Because a mower is easy to service and belts are not to expensive I would vote for a belt.<p>Frank
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