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I was at my equipment dealer today getting my trimmer fixed and 2 chopper were being unloaded off a trailer to be fixed. one ran and the other wouldnt start so they had to hook chaines from the running one to the non running one to pull non running one off. I was talking to one of the head machanics there and i said how do you like these choppers. He said there good machines, built pretty strong but they do not sell many compared to the z masters be the quality of cut dosnt compare. He said they scalp like crazy and are to awkward and heavy for the lawns around here. The z masters/lazers are the best of both worlds..... beutiful cut and superior quality. By the way the dixie chopper that wouldnt run was one of those dual engine 72 inchers! why the hell would anyone need one of those unless they were cuttiing down hay feilds weekly?
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