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Fired the guy stealing my jobs monday morning , told him to give my phone and gas card then adios, he said no problem and left. I didn't even mention why so i guess he knew. Well today i was doing spot weed treatments and went by a customers house and there he is installing flowers! Told him he must be crazy and went to the door to ask the lady why she would hire my guy to do side work(he obviously had this job set up ahead of time), I'm too expensive, I don't own people, she only hired me to cut grass!Gave her an estimate to mulch 1 mth ago she said was too high, guess he got that too!Told her to get him to cut her grass too and i'll send her a final bill tonight. Told him i better not see him on one of my properties again, all i could do not to strangle him. Sucks because that was a 10 min. job at $25/cut and $240 yr for fert+ weed control, approx. 400 sq. ft. But customers that would do that i don't want+@3&@+#~
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