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I try to get an Advanced Agronomy forum here at LS. But after not having my e-mails answered by the administrator I gave up. It takes a lot of time to write these posts and they do not put any money or power in my pocket. In fact I advertised for a spray tech here and No one applied for the job. I hired a local guy and pay for his night college. He will walk away with a lot of certifications in just a few short years including Irrigation.

I am now putting my time into my own business and have even increased the size of my Nursery. Right now I am building a fog house that will do 50,000 liners a year. We are what we eat and so the same is true with Plants. Proper feeding (Fertilizer) is the key to all plant life.

Sorry but all my posting has slowed down. At present time I can't keep up with my own work. I am way behind so taking on more responsibility's is out of the question.

"TG doesn't give a rats ass about being "Responsible" as long as sales/production quotas are met. That's it in a nutshell. A recipe for disaster IMO." Ted Putnam 2/28/14

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