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I havenít heard any thing about the drive rollers but for the liner just get a nylon liner for your Mig. If you donít have one as of yet and you want a 115-volt model buy a good one! Preferably from a welding supply that will take care of you down the rode. The one I use has copper wound coils. A welding engineer works at the shop I use. And has been able to answer all my questions. The liners for my Mig are about $15-$20 you will probably have to use argon as your shield gas. A decent welder would start at around $400.00 and the bottle from $70-$270.00 not counting the wire. I did see a guy welding aluminum with a propane torch at a farm show but I didnít get the name of the rod he was using. And it was cheap!
I hope this helped.
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