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Hey Folks,<p>Got my mulching kit and trailer set up this weekend, so my brand new TTHP 36&quot; Exmark is ready to join me in the field (in a limited capacity while I continue to learn the controls and handling), but I have a question for those who have used the mulching kits:<p>Do you notice a loss of power? It's fairly minor, I think, but I notice when engaging the blade now, the machine seems to struggle a bit more then it did previously with the side discharge. I've never taken conscious notice of this sort of thing with my 21&quot; mowers when converting them to mulchers. Is this a normal effect?<p>It occurred to me the blades might be installed improperly, but after double-checking that, I found that not to be the case. There is nothing interfering with the blades ability as far as I can determine, either. <p>The engine, BTW, is a 15 HP Kawasawki. Anyone else ever notice this phenomena, or is this something I should have checked out?<p>-TGC<br>
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