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Im sure we all reconsidered our methods of securing our equipment after hearing of mountain mans unfortunate burglary.<p>Garage or pole building security-<p>Dead bolt locks, with core changer ability if you have employees entrusted with keys. <br>If an employee is terminated you can quickly change the lock &quot;core&quot; whick makes old keys obsolete, along with any unauthorized copies that may be circulating. This is much cheaper than all new locks.<br>Keyed on both sides deadbolts will prevent exit if accessed via window and prevents window from being broken and door opened by reaching through opening.<p>Garage door openers can be recoded and easily opened by tech happy thieves. Latch them at night while equipment is sleeping.<p>If a single overhead door is the only means of entry, park a vehicle up next to door. This is a secondary precaution against your trailer being hooked up. They will have to move the vehicle(s) to remove anything larger than hand tools.<p>Motion activated lighting, inexpensive and effective. Have it activate a radio inside to make noise as well. <p>Use &quot;kryptonite&quot; bicycle locks to secure equipment to trailers.<p>Lock trailer hitches closed when stored. <p>Dont let the thieves hide behind clutter, keep grounds neat and easily observable.<p>Use your parents, friends or relatives address when buying new equipment. A new piece of equipment, with the address of the owner is tempting to a crooked clerk at dealership. A local car stereo installation company had dirty guys installing stereos, then un-installing them later that week...from the customers info!<p>Try and gain access to your own equipment, see where you need fortification.<p>One last thing. &quot;If you've got it flaunt it&quot; is foolish. &quot;If you want it, dont flaunt it!&quot; is better suited to the bottom line.
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