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Probably half of the readers on this board are not familiar with the most important thing when it comes to security and equiment - INLAND MARINE INSURANCE!! Inland marine covers replacement costs of equipment that is stolen. Fortunately, I was hit for only about $10,000 in equipment and I had plenty of coverage (had to jump through 100 different hoops to get it but the coverage was there). After inventorying all of the equipment, I found I was way underinsured had they gotten everything. It is amazing how much stuff you pick up in a short amount of time. I now am going to do insurance / inventory checkups every 6 months.<p>Toro guy is right that beyond INLAND MARINE INSURANCE, you need a security plan. I started mine today with the purchase of an 18 month old German Shepard. Not only will he have a much better life in his new home, but hopefully my equipment will continue to have a good life in my hands and not some thieves possession. The dog is staying at the house for awhile to get used to us as new owners before he moves into the shop. The next robber will have to have some bigtime gonads to go eye to eye with a 90 pound German Shepard.<p>I have begun to store equipment totally different than before. Each of my garage bays are 45 feet long and have garage doors on both sides. We now back the trailers up to each other so you cannot open the gates without moving a trailer. I agree with Toroguy that it is a good idea to park a car outside to keep someone from hooking up a trailer and driving off. Fortunately, we still have garage space for the trucks so I will park them in the less secure (no dog) but still locked garage area. These are big assumptions, but after last week I'm going overboard. A. Assume that they back a truck into the garage door and rip it off the hinges (per the police this is common with professional thieves)and B assume they are cruel enough to do something to the dog. What can you do to secure two open trailers backed up gate to gate to keep someone from hooking up and driving off. Is it worth doing something else besides locks and a dog or do we just rely on my first comment and let INLAND MARINE INSURANCE kick in? Putting locks on everything is getting real old quick. Everytime I turn around in the garage I have to open another lock.<p>Another thought along the security lines. DO YOU HAVE A BACK UP PLAN? If something happens to your equipment (theft, wreck, etc.) how will you get your work done. Fortunately, we had enough backup equipment that we still were able to get our yards done. It takes time to get the insurance check. Had they gotten all my mowers and equipment, I would have had to hit the reserve account and buy additional equipment that day. Two weeks waiting on a check with no equipment and no income would be tough. Sorry for the long post unfortunately this topic hits home and it's hard not to be longwinded.
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