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I started out with an 85 Toyota 2wd pickup & threw everything in the back, then got a 4x10 I rebuilt & used for 2 more years. <br>Then a bigger mower came into the picture, & needed a bigger trailer. Then a bigger truck to pull all that. So I got a 16 tandem axle tr. W/ dual mesh gates, EZ lube hubs, etc. Heavy, but nice. Had that for 2 yrs., now I have my 20' tandem axle with a back mesh gate & a side gate too for the WB. I'm still pulling it with my 87 1/2 ton silverado 4x4, which got a performance engine rebuild this winter. Paid too much for labor; next time I'll know better. <br>You can see the pics of the truck & my smoky burnouts on the snowplow forum under a post Chuck started-&quot;guys & our equipment&quot;. Hopefully I'll get it repainted this yr. & get a Dodge Ram by 2001 or 2002. <p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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