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Economy leader and durability leader,what do you have to back your claim?You must be going downhill a lot (LOL),because I bet my truck that I can go farther on a gallon of fuel in my 96 Cummins,and it will outlast your PSD a couple of times over.I think the PSD is a good motor,dont get me wrong,but its not in the same league as Cummins.These are problem areas:Cavitation,turbo's going out,bolts falling out of turbo's,leaky valve covers,glow plugs(real diesels dont have these)injectors$$$at 3000 a set,and too high EGT's from too small an intercooler.If you think yours is more durable,I'd like to show you some million mile 5.9's that run as good as new.A PSD could never go that far,its not designed to.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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