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Hi John. I'm sure your truck is really nice, but you're comparing apples to oranges here. If you want to talk about trucks that DODGE builds, compared to trucks FORD builds, the PSD will leave you in the dust. I test drove both the PSD, and the Cummins. I sometimes need to tow very heavy loads down the highway, and I'm here to tell you. A stock Cummins engine equipped Dodge truck isn't as good as a Ford PSD equipped truck if you want to be able to maintain speed on hills. The Cummins just doesn't make enough power. It's too small (5.9 liters compared to Ford's 7.3). The PSD will out excellerate the Cummins all day long, and out pull it too. That's why so many more people go with the PSD's. Another thing that I didn't like about the Cummins was the way I had to keep the rpms up to keep the engine in it's powerband. I'm sure the cummins will last longer, but I don't plan on keeping any one truck long enough to rack up a million miles. <p>If you want to talk aftermarket kits. You can buy a banks turbo, and blow away the aftermarket kits fo the Cummins.<p>Victor (a very happy PSD owner)
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