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Victor,I know the psd will outpull a Cummins auto stock,and Im glad you like yours-I think its a good work truck.But,when modified the PSD is in the dust-go get your 3000 dollar banks kit,ill put a 300 dollar torque plate and a 500 set of injectors in and its over.A 5spd ram can make 400HP/1000ft lbs at the rear wheels for $500 dollars,A psd cant even come close,just because Banks kit only has 260 HP,doesnt mean there isnt more.TST is where its at for Ram owners,if you want to throw away money on low power,buy Banks.A stock Cummins can handle over 45PSI of turbo boost,with a thicker headgasket 60PSI has been hit by some guys.A PSD would blow the crank out and pop the heads off if you tried this with it.That is why a 5.9 can blow off a 7.3,its getting twice the fuel/air at high boost,which the PSD would blow up at.As for a narrow powerband,mine starts at 1400 and pulls hard to 2600,with my little 250 plate(The most the stock trans can handle)I drove a PSD and I wasnt impressed,no power until 2200,then it pulled good till 3100 where it sounded like it was going to blow.At highway speed with 3.73 it was below the powerband and had to be downshifted like my 350 to pull,then it was good.My truck is in its powerband 1800 at 70mph,and I have never needed to drop a gear unless a car made me slow down.Stock I had to drop sometimes.I hope the Duramax blows everyone away,that way Ford and dodge will make them faster too.I like the PSD,but for max power nothing beats a Cummins.If you know of a PSD that will beat DR performance's 635 HP/1400 FT/lb at wheels '99 24 Valve Cummins I will apologize and take it back.That is on diesel fuel-no propane,and lots of boost.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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