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John,<p>your wasting your time talking up Cummins to the Ford guys, some folks never learn, just keep going to the blue oval like flies to stink.<p>My buddy just turned in his Freightliner, 1996, with the same Cummins B engine as the Ram, 530,000 miles, still runs strong, I have yet to see a 7.3 Navistar with over 200k that wasnt huffing and puffing great blue clouds of burned Rotella. The Cummins is just broken in by then.<p>Yup, a new powersmoke may outpull a Cummins uphill but it wont do it for long.<p>Bill<p>PS to nlminc Ford does NOT own Cummins, and Dodge has Cummins scheduled as an option for the 2002 model year and beyond. Actually next year is the last year for the powersmoke, Navistar has discontinued the ol converted gasser from the 70s and is replacing it with an all-new designed-as-a-diesel-from-the-ground-up engine I believe its a 6.0 liter but may be wrong on the displacement.
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