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Bill, Ford has owned Cummins for at least 2 years now and I read in last weeks Boston Globe Auto section that the Cummins is being discontinued (in dodge trucks)after 2001 or 2002 and being replaced with a Benz diesel. Only sharing with you what I read from a reliable source.<br>I'm not a Cummins diesel trasher, I just like the Fords. I got my opinion, you got yours and the guy up the street has his, no big deal. Like I said before I have owned both and have had more problems with the truck surrounding the Cummins. I doubt that if Dodge replaces the Cummins for the Benz diesel that it is for any fault on Cummins. I've also read that Ford may discontinue the Powerstoke and go with another. The next few years should be interesting for GM, Ford and Dodge loyalist, lets hope this will benifit us all.<p>Chris <p>
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