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There is a Formula for Bidding or Estimating on jobs like Spring Cleanup. Experience + Need = Job/money!

Many of us (Myself included)talk about not doing jobs for less, walking away etc... What no one has mentioned, is how hungery you are affecting that decision process. If you need the money/work, walking away to just go sit at home is not doing you any good. Starting out can be tough. Trying to make a living at this right out of the gate can be even tougher. You might want the work, you might need it!

Homer, $75.00 for 5.5 hours is way too low of course by many of our views. But, if you had nothing else to make money that day you made $13.63 an hour. You can not make that at McDonalds! Of course excluding all expenses.

I usually look at small such jobs from a point as what else I got going. If I am busy, I'll bid the hours high. If I am not busy and want the work, I will try to trim the hours closer, maybe even the hourly rate. Whatever I bid I always cover my expenses first. I work faster than most, so I usually come out on the high end anyway.

But, like most posts given so far, try to get a hourly rate since a job bid might be high sounding to a prospect and helps cover your time estimate. You might try giving a Minimum and Maximum amount of billable hours to cover yourself and allow the prospect to see a end price, which is why they do not want to pay you just straight time anyway.
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