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Thanks for the thoughts guys. One thing everyone needs to do is check their insurance poicies. Everytime I turned around they tried to nicely screw me over with the inland marine insurance. <p>I am looking to hire my next employee - a big German Shepard. The police told me the alarms were worthless in a situation like mine for a couple of reasons. 1. We don't have the warehouse wired so we use generators instead of having electric power. 2. Someone who knew what they were doing could have been in and out in under 3 minutes. The police said very often the thieves are gone before they even receive the call. 3. In our city it is a $100 fine for false alarms. The police officer said that some business have a couple false alarms a month! Ouch$$. 4. Very few people are willing to take on a guard dog - especially at night.<p>I came in yesterday and had two messages from people saying &quot;we are calling about the break in on Millerton Ave.&quot; Both were cold callers trying to sell me alarm systems. They didn't want to talk when they found out we used generators. Both guys had copies of the police report before I did! <p>Southside: My agent told me that alot of companies do not look unfavorably on dobermans and huskies. I quess some companies just look at the potential risk of attack. The main dogs that no one accepts are rottweilers and pit bulls. We have several rottweilers that we approach every week on maintenance accounts and they are alot less protective than the chows which weren't even mentioned. <p>PS: any tips on protecting a guard dog? I am scared that they may get a hold of something that hurts or kills them. We properly store our herbicides etc., but if the new dog is like my lab he will find a way to get into something he is not supposed to be in.
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