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Mountian Man-Sorry to hear about your bad day!I wonder if you had a mutt if the insurance company would complain?How about a 1/2 pitbull 1/2 chow!!!I know what you mean about chow's being agressive!!!!I don't know,I find the smaller the dog the more agressive they are.What about 5 poodles in your shopBut really I would seriously look into getting a dog from the pound.We love boxers and have owned 4.We bought an old female boxer years back and not only was she the sweetest dog you ever met,she also was the best gard dog I ever had.She was 8 years old had a limp in her leg and if anyone tryed to break I would not want to see what she would do!We had someone try to break in about 5 years ago.They smashed the window out in unbolted the dead bolt but went no further!That old girl let them know why they should not step in the door!!!!We also later found out from a guy who owned her before he said that she was a trained attack dog!!!We thought that was a nice plus.As far as keeping your dog out of stuff in your shop I would buy a book on the breed that you want to buy and it will tell you if that breed is prone to getting into your stuff.90% of the time dog's get into stuff becouse they are bored or are lonely.You want to find a breed that will not get lonely.Hope this will help!Oh one more thing!Female dog's for the most part are actually more aggressive than male.Keep that in mind!Plus if you buy a female you will not have to worry about haveing a male marking his territory in your shop.If there are no tree's to pee on then he will have to resort to trimmers<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
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