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Hi I should be able to help you out!I own an 11hp walker and was looking into doing that.I called the Walker company and they told me that they knew of a company that was doing conversions.They gave me the number to that company.Since I live in canada I was not about to drive to the southern states to have a conversion done.I asked the guy if they had any info on upgrading the engine to 16-18hp kohler.They mailed me a step by step guide on how to replace the engine.That's the good news.Bad news is that I lost the step through guide and the phone number to the company.I'm shure I still have that step through but I will take some time tomorrow to look for it for you!Hope this helps!I will let you know if I can find it!If I can I will email you the step through.If not you can allways call walker and ask about it!Talk to you later!<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
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