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I seeded about 2 1/2 acres at the end of April and have now mowed the grass 5 times. I used a landscaper's grade of Starter Fertilizer before the seed was planted and have obtained a great stand of grass in a relatively short time. I am located in the midwest and the rains have played in my favor for a spring plant. My question is what to do next. I have a lot of weeds and I am torn as whether to liquid spray with a 2-4-D or to fertilize the yard again to encourage more seeding and growth. I used a good mix of a 3 blend Perennial and Common Bluegrass. If I fertilize, what type should I use? I do not want to use a granular Weed and Feed, too many variables and I own a 25 gallon towable sprayer to apply the liquid weed killer. What type of liquid spray to use on the new yard. Should I do anything? <p><br>Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated<br>
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