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guess it depends on which way you want to head with your biz.<br>Is most of the bigger stuff taken by reputable companies, or do you want fast cash with smaller accts. With the price of real estate in fla., not many people have sizable yards, unless you get in nicer communities. I wouldn't use a ZTR on anything smaller than 2/3 acre, cuz all the turning on small areas & not enuf room to &quot;open it up & let 'er go&quot;.<br>Seems hard to beat a good dixie for that price; I couldn't afford a ZTR until I went full time. Once you have one, that will open the door to PURSUE bigger accts. So I guess I'm saying think about what size of accts you want, then buy accordingly. Groundkeepers uses lawnboys on all his accts. & can whip out $25-30 lawns in a flash, adding up to good $ at the end of the day. I prefer bigger accts myself, & I made my purchases accordingly.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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