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bill phagan
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Mike, start with the criteria they should use when choosing a lawn profession. Licensed, Insured, time in bus, certifications, education, memberships, credentials, licenses, etc. Then a list of your services you can provide, TESTIMONIALS from current and past customers, NO Free stuff like a free month service or the like, maybe a slogan unlike the latest one I saw.....&quot;Today's services at yesterdays' prices&quot;. Referral from your current customers, newsletter to educate new and old customers, magnetic business cards for the refrig, speak at HOA functions about green your expertise. And they'll show you the money! Does your property demonstrate it's current value? Do you have the time or expertise to oversee your grounds services? What are your concerns about your property? Qualify them before you waste your time, then go sell them using the consultative approach. Check my site for more<p>Good luck!<p>Bill Phagan<br>Green Ind Consulting.Inc.
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