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Originally posted by Rustic Goat
Well I was just making an observation of the facts you presented- didn't mean to insinuate an insult to you with so much experience and knowledge in the field- why do you need to even ask such a question if you have all the answers??????????

From the other responses being given here, you seem to be individually having the problems with connection speed.

The info you now give about your connection is also the answer to your original question!
If you have so much incredible knowledge of these subjects, and you are aware of your poor connection quality, why was the first thing you say must be wrong is this sites server???????????
Saying I have 25 years experience is stating a fact and that is it.

You need to relax and quit taking comments out of context.

Thanks for your years of experience to help me solve this problem so quickly.

Have a Great Day.
Life is too short for a bad day.

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