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Just went though that crap with plow dealers I said I have a ram 1500 he said not a problem. Great ill buy the truck then get her insured registered then go to get my plow. Oh I cant put a plow on that. Excuse me I said why the hell not you told me you could its why I bought it. Well its a quad cab the book says I can put them on reg cabs but not quad. The frame cannot handle the weight well I know this is crap so I do some research. Your love this since my truck can seat 6 adults they have to figure I may try that while plowing LOL yea right. So they refused to mount my plow luckily my mechanic said he could mount one when I asked him. Then the same clowns that would not mount it for me happily sold me the new plow. As a result it cost me an extra 300 to mount her and I do need to upgrade the shocks and its recommend I get a transmission cooling system, which I plan to do.
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