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Some of my stuff!

My truck.

1990 Ford F250 3/4 ton, 2wd, 351 Windsor V8 EFI, 5 speed stick shift (granny and overdrive), 4.10 rear gears, long bed w/bedliner, regular cab (duh) vinyl interior, plain jane truck only option i think is split rear window (which i don't see how you could do without). Has 550 RAM air! (open 5 windows and go 50 mph- if you turn the triangle vent windows around they put in a nice blast of air). Just don't have any loose papers haha.
Things i've added-
CD player/stereo, speakers
CB radio
2 utility lights on bottom of rear bumper, wired into reverse lights for extra visibility backing up at night (works great) people no longer stand behind you when backing out of spot at wal mart at night LOL. also helps backing up trailer in dark.
2" receiver hitch
toolbox (cheap plastic one but hey it was free)
chrome wheels & new all terrain mud and snow tires (yes the front tires are smaller than the backs, it looks more like a 4x4 that way)
Dual exhaust (no catalytic converter, put on dual cherry bomb glasspacks and went out on each side with chrome 3" tips in front of tires) sounds really sweet, can make it talk to ya with the stick shift
oh and the light covers.

I think thats all i've put on it
I got it summer '03 and it had been painted a year before.

Who wants to guess the mileage on it? Interior is as good as exterior, bed is not beat up or rusted under the liner (liner was put in at time of painting, truck not used since)
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