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Originally posted by proenterprises
mud flaps are for the yuppy folks...eric when you fit the gas and burn want all that crap flying up in the air so the cute blonde chick at the dairy queen says "damn...their goes cutting edge eric....isint he fine.....
It's a 2wd truck for street use only, not a 4wd "buggy" truck. Lotsa muddy teens' 4wd's around here, ladies appreciate a clean shiny truck sometimes LOL. If they don't, I do! Not good on your paint to let it have mud on it all the time. I get compliments on it often enough, why would I want it covered in mud? Plus that it's not professional and also - main reason I don't want road salt thrown up on body panels to make it rust. I'm already seeing a little bit of this and I dont like it.
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