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Hello I'm new..

Wow i'm glad I came across this website while looking for lawn care business advice on yahoo.

I worked for my bestfriends dad for a year and half and I quit do to poor pay, working with my friends kinda sucked cause we would argue and stuff, and I didn't like how my friends dad ran things.

So I decided I was goin to try and get my dad to try and start our own business. Right down the road from us about 15mins away theres about 7 new subdivisions being built that is going to be a gold mine for law care. Most of the houses are 200,000$'s so nice yards and i'm sure will need landscaping and mulching.

The thing I'm wondering is more ways to advertise, aside from flyers and phone # on truck and trailer..

I was wondering if anyone has every talked to the people that are developing the houses about handing out business cards to potential home buyers or just to people who buy houses in that neighborhood and if its worked. I was thinking that would be a good way.

What are some other key ways for advertising and marketing??

Another thing I was wondering about is business licenses is there a website I can goto and read about the cost?

I live in Orlando, FL if that helps with answers.
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