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Practice Runs!

FRiday was my 1st day of running practice runs on my families lawns. We did approximately 3 lawns and I think we screwed up on all three of them.

1) The grass was damp, it was a little wet. I dont know if this matters but everytime I tried cutting the grass, there would be brown spots right after. Does this mean the blade is dull?

2) We never used a grass trimmer, blower, lawn mower before but we all trained on my lawns. I think this is the best way, and on Sunday we are doing 2 more practice runs on the lawns.

3) We mowed lawns, grass trimmed the edges, blew clippings away.

4) I tried using the striping kit, but it didn't stripe at all
I just added sand to it and it doesnt' seem heavy enough, I think I have to add some other stuff to add weight to it! Any suggestions? Sand and?
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