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1. Do a search at the top of the homepage, use a word like 'advertising'

2. Call your town hall, city courthouse or go to a city or county website for information on your license. It's usually a one time fee.

3. There are several "other" services one could consider adding. Again a search under "other services" or something like that may give you some ideas. You will probably need to have some experience with chemicals invlolved in keeping a pool balanced, but it is not a bad idea.

We presently do Landscaping, Maintenance and Pressure Washing, but the business is 'Property Care', as opposed to the more specific 'Landscaping'. We have considered getting more involved in gutter cleaning, window cleaning and pools. Taking our existing custommer base and expanding a present customer loyalty into a more diverse and profitable account. I personally feel that as this industry saturates a good business owner will need to become more creative. Many have already set themselves apart with a greater knowledge of plants, soil and chemicals and homeowners notice this.

You will find as you progress, there are so many extensive services relating to Landscaping alone, it becomes a little difficult to get too broad. Your time becomes diluted to an extent.
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