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Thanks for all of the advice, I just wanted to comment on a few things, He is only grossing 80,000 in the lawn care bc he is also involved in the landscape business, and that is his money maker, he has not put much time into the lawn portion of this. These accounts ( 75% turn key) (Lake Michigan) have been with him from the start. His name is great in this area, and i have a feeling that is why he is so High in price. As for the equipment it is worth 60,000 there is a lot of stuff that he is selling, I have no problem paying that for it bc it's worth it, and he does maintain his stuff better then most. It's the other 115,000 for the name, accounts that has me tied up in knots on what to do. I mean sure I can start out on my own with new stuff go in debt 80,000 for what I know I want and need, but not be quaranteed one single contract and not have a repitable name to go with it. So any help with this would be appreciated
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