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Originally posted by PaulJ
I think the first one is the hardest to follow, because I don't think most people follow it. If we did we couldn't mention anything be brand name. We would be reduced to talking about the red mowers or the yellow mowers, but which yellow mowers? Or the gadget that goes on a trimmer to help with edging? There is a difference between talking about what you use and like or don't like and trying to SELL something. I can understand the original spirit of the rule but I think you need to look at how restrictive the wording is.

"This includes mentioning manufacturers, dealers, etc… in the forums or through e-mail or private messaging. You are also not permitted to include phone numbers addresses, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, or web addresses or links in your posts, e-mail, private messages or signature lines.

The word "Mentioning" is just too broad of a term. A lot of products get "mentioned" here every day. how about pushing or selling or plastering or......

And the part of not including links in posts seems way overboard. The only ones I have ever seen blocked are the ones that are to another lawn form but that's a whole different story.

How about change rule one to "1. Advertising of any kind is not permitted at this site unless you are a sponsor. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click here. "
And leave it at that.

The rest of the rules seem in line and followable.

Just my $.o2 on the subject.
Excellent points, PaulJ. Rules number 1 and 7 are broken repeatedly, we couldn't answer a "Whats the best (mower, trimmer, etc)?" without mentioning manufacturers.
It also says no exceptions, but these rule-breaking posts, and the people who wrote them, are allowed to stay.
I could find rule-breaking posts all day long, but I am not an employee of this business, nor am I a snitch, so you won't see me ever hitting the "rat this post" button. Good thing, too, as I would take the rules literally until they were changed.

I only use 3 rules, myself;
1) Don't PO the boss-man, he can ban, or edit you without your breaking any rules. ("rules number 14, 15")
2)Don't say anything you wouldn't say if the person was right in front of you.
3) When in doubt, refer to rule #1
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