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Doc and Paul - both made good points, but so did Jodi.

I would love to leave the interaction on this board to "common sense" but you wouldn't believe me if I told you some of the things people say and actually think it is OK. When the rules were too broad, people looking to cause problems would find smart little ways to side-step or jump over the wording.

And Paul, I definitely agree with you. Of course members can discuss anything and everything, but the wording is in place so that when a dealer or a salesperson breaks the rule blatantly I can redirect them to the rules. And if I say, only if you aren't selling, then people find subliminal ways to do's done all the time and very hard to keep track of, let alone moderate.

I do believe that the rules will always be a work-in-progress to some degree because that's just the way it is.....
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