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Looking for more work? Check this out!

I have exchanged e-mails with Lindsay Padilla from Site Master. They are looking for companies in specific areas to perform specific work.

Here is the information I have been given. If any of these areas pertain to you or are of interest to you, please email Lindsay Padilla at that you saw this on LawnSite and she will fill you in.

Here's what I need right now....I will have additional markets later....

In each area, I need bids to weed-eat landscaping and mow up to 5' past the landscaping around the perimeter of the cell phone tower 4 times/ year. The grass does not get overly long, because in addition to this, we have site managers at each of these sites that maintain the weed control on a monthly basis. There is no need for a bush hog or anything like that.

I would like to be emailed by anyone interested and then I can send a detailed bid sheet along with the list of sites and the addresses.

Baltimore, MD market - 43 sites
Minneapolis/St. Paul Market - 19 sites
New Jersey (West Orange is most centrally located town) - 9 sites
Denver - 13 sites
Cincinnati - 16 sites
New York (Some in PA, NJ) - 23 Sites
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