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I just purchased a '75 Dodge 1/2 ton with a 440, NP435, and a NP203. Previous owner swapped in a 8 lug 3/4 ton Dana 44 front axle and dana 60 rear.

The front axle doesn't seem to be engaging. If I get time this weekend I'll drop the rear driveshaft and see if the front axle will move the vehicle.

I've never had a vehicle with a full time case like a 203. The truck has Warn lock out hubs on it. I believe that you aren't supposed to use lock out hubs with a full time case, unless you install one of the conversion kits. Which makes me wonder if the hubs are the problem. The transfer case itself seems to work fine. It shifts in and out of it's ranges fine, lo and lo loc work great. Just doesn't seem like I'm getting any power to the front axle.

Looked through a few catalogs tonight for OEM style hubs for a full time Dana 44, but couldn't find any. I'm hoping Napa or somebody will carry them. Don't see why they shouldn't. NP203's were very common, all of the big three used them in the 70's. Any idea on what a set of OEM style hubs will cost?

Any ideas? John DiMartino?
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