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Originally posted by DLCS
If everybody did a search, there wouldn't be any posts by the new members.
I'll disagree and give an example.

If a search is done and a thread is found that discusses the topic what is stopping the "new member" from posting his/her question in that thread? That way the thread continues and is revived and the search function is more effective.

Example #1: Recently and I assume prior to doing a search this thread was started:

In that thread I posted a link to a thread that already discussed that topic, the old thread was "revived" and many post have been added by new members. I personally think they should be merged.

Example #2: Once I placed the link to the "searched thread" a bunch of "new members" indeed posted...see it can work!

I've been here a while and I still try to search before asking a question. I just needed a price on a mower, did a search and found a post showing the MSRP...try it you might like it.
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